How to Decorate like Kate

With the remodel of Kensington Palace and more recently, Amner Hall, it got us to thinking – how could we decorate like Kate? With a few basic tips that we discovered and learned from the Duchess when redoing one of our rooms, here’s how you can too:

Neutral Colour Palette

Neutral colour palate: It has been rumored, and stated in various articles, that Kate had chosen a neutral colour palette for KP. This is a great choice for it goes with any accessory – those of which can easily be replaced should you change your mind. Even the Duchess has slipped up and wants to redo a certain purple hue in KP too.

Accessories: Take a hint from Kate, mix old and new. Since Kate has access to numerous pieces in the Royal Collection, she chose to mix some of those with new items we have seen her out on the town purchasing. Reuse what you may have from other rooms, i.e. a lamp, an antique, etc. Just keep in mind the colour palate to ensure it all flows together.

Curtains/drapes/swags: To make your room seem more regal, buy silk curtains or swags to drape up along the window, over the rod and down so they slightly puddle on the floor. Take a step back and you will feel like you are in a palace in a matter of minutes.

Rugs: Can’t make it to Fakenham to purchase rugs where Kate did? You can still create the same effect to make your room feel warmer, or to pull in your accent colour by putting an area rug down or at least under a table. It will give some focal points to the room. And, it’s ok to put a small rug under a coffee table and over the existing carpeting too.

Make sure the room reflects your style in the end because as they say, you are the Queen of your own Castle. So pop the bubbly and enjoy your efforts!

By Laura from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

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