Kate’s Favorite Royal Jewelry: An Interview with Annoushka

If we had to tally (and we’ve tried, trust us) the earrings that Kate has worn the most, it would probably be her Annoushka pearl drop earrings. While Kate pairs her pearl drops on Kiki McDonough hoops, we have always been obsessed with the versatile detachable pearl drop, which has become a staple in the Annoushka line.

You obviously recognize these earrings, because Kate has worn them about ten thousand times. You may not know the designer behind the detachable pearls that the Duchess loves so much. Annoushka Ducas MBE was educated in Paris, travelled the world, first designed jewelry during a stint in Hong Kong, and co-founded Links of London. Yes, that Links of London.

In 2009, after the sale of Links of London, Annoushka founded her eponymous jewelry line, which focuses on “precious jewellery designed by women for women, jewellery that is relevant to the lives we live today and the people we will become tomorrow.” We are getting serious Girl Boss vibes from this super-inspirational woman.

Back to the earrings so loved by the Duchess of Cambridge! We have been obsessed with these pearl drops forever, so we were so honored to have the chance to chat with Annoushka and learn about her inspiration, her favorite pieces, and why Kate loves them so much.

What is the inspiration behind these classic pearl drops? 

I have always loved working with pearls: they are both timeless and flattering, whether you’re eighteen or eighty. I wanted to move away from that sense of stuffiness and staidness that was so often associated with pearls and rework them in a contemporary, clean way. I came up with the idea of a detachable pearl drop and the rest is history, as they say! They are now one of my best-selling designs and are now worn all over the globe, from London to Azerbaijan.

What is the benefit behind the removeable pearl? Why does a “modern woman” want that versatility? 

I have always felt very passionately that fine jewellery should be worn every day and not just kept for best and these drops really are versatile enough to be worn daily: they can be dressed up or dressed down; worn on plain gold hoops or something a little sparklier. I want women to have the freedom to experiment with their jewellery, not feel restricted by it.

Can you describe the “Annoushka girl” – the ideal client wearing Annoushka jewelry? 

I am incredibly honoured that so many brilliant women have worn my jewellery, from the Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Rania of Jordan to Rihanna, Gigi Hadid and Adwoa Aboah. I design jewellery for modern, independent women who know their own style and aren’t afraid to experiment.

How would you style these iconic pearl drop earrings? What outfit would you pair them with? 

My pearl drops are both simple and versatile which means that they can literally be worn with anything, from jeans to a ball gown. They look equally great whether they’re worn by themselves or styled with an earful of my Diamond Mini Hoops and an ear cuff, or simply adding one of my plain Hoopla hoops. Because they are detachable, they can be worn on any of my hoop earrings depending on your mood or style.  

What other pieces would you love to see the Duchess of Cambridge wearing? 

I’d love to see my Flamenco Earrings on the Duchess as I think she wears statement earrings so well. And of course I’d be thrilled if she worn one of my Crown Rings: perhaps a push present?!

Kate Middleton Annoushka Flamenco Earrings

(We have to agree 110% – Kate would look amazing in Annoushka’s Flamenco earrings!)

Which Annoushka piece would you love to see Kate wearing? Leave us a note in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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