The Top 10 Royal Patronages The Duchess Of Cambridge Is Most Passionate About

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are both a genuine inspiration to millions of people in their home country as well across the entirety of the world.

Kate has taken to royal life like the proverbial duck to water, and she quickly became an incredibly proactive and dedicated patron to, at the last count, nineteen different charities.

Continue reading to learn about the top ten royal patronages that the Duchess of Cambridge appears to be most passionate about.

1.   Family Action


The latest patronage to be bestowed upon Kate Middleton came from Her Majesty The Queen herself and is called Family Action.

After holding the position for over sixty-five years, Queen Elizabeth passed down the cherished charity to Kate, and the Duchess has already embraced Family Action with both arms. Founded back in 1869, Family Action aims to transform lives by providing financial, practical, and emotional support to families who have experienced a plethora of disadvantages across the length and breadth of the country.


2.   Sports Aid


The charity of Sports Aid entirely concentrates on enhancing and enriching the lives of young and promising athletes.

Sports Aid recognizes and therefore tries to reduce the significant and numerous financial difficulties that, in many cases, prevent promising and talented young athletes from reaching their full potential and competing on a competitive level.


3.   Nursing Now Campaign


The Cambridges, as do the rest of the Royal Family and indeed the entirety of the country, thoroughly appreciate and respect how diligently hard nurses always work, particularly over the last two years during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is just one of a wide plethora of reasons why the Nursing Now Campaign is exceedingly dear to Kate and why she feels both proud and privileged when she and Prince William became patrons in 2018. The Nursing Now Campaign actively pursues and champions leadership development opportunities for over 10,000 midwives and nurses in more than 150 different countries.

The Nursing Now Campaign spends a lot of time focusing on encouraging registered and working nurses to enroll in leadership courses such as the prestigious and renowned leadership courses at Baylor University Online.


4.   The 1851 Trust


Kate and William have always been and continue to be heavily involved and deeply passionate about encouraging talented athletes and sports persons to follow their dreams and reach the proverbial stars.

Another patronage of Kate’s that is entirely sports-focused is that of the 1851 Trust, which centers around the coming together of science and sport to engage young people with sailing and its associated technologies.


5.   The Royal Photographic Society


The Royal Photographic Society is a charity that is entirely committed to making the art of photography as accessible as possible to everyone from all walks of life, across the country and, to some extent, internationally as well.

The Duchess of Cambridge became a royal patron of The Royal Photographic Society in 2019, and the honor of the role was handed down by Her Majesty The Queen herself and absolutely adores helping promote photography and encourage people to follow this particular artistic outlet.


6.   Action On Addiction


Another important charity of which Duchess Kate is a proud royal patron of is the public-facing charity Action On Addiction, whose primary goal is to break down taboos and long-existing preconceptions about addiction and strive to understand more about how addiction takes hold of the individual.

In October 2021, Kate launched Action On Addiction’s sister charity, The Forward Trust, at the BAFTA headquarters in central London, which is dedicated specifically to analyzing and researching drug addiction and helping recovering addicts move forward with their new lives.


7.  All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club


The All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, otherwise referred to as The AELTC, was originally founded in the summer of 1868, and Kate Middleton remains the only patron of the society, royal or otherwise.

The AELTC is a private member’s club, which is most widely recognized as being the location of the Wimbledon Tennis Championship and currently has approximately 375 members. As a member, you are also afforded the annual option of purchasing a pair of tickets to see the final of the Wimbledon Championships, and every Wimbledon champion is always, automatically, invited to become a member themselves.


8.   Air Cadets


A traditional and wholly impressive royal patronage that Kate Middleton holds is the patronage to the Royal Air Cadets.

For over six years, Kate, often together with her husband Prince William, visits RAF camps across the country and converses, encourages, and motivates young air cadets. There are over one thousand separate air squadrons up and down the country, and each camp holds a host of events, both private and public, every single year.


9.   National Portrait Gallery


Currently closed to members of the public until early 2023 due to renovation, The National Portrait Gallery is another charity-based company that is incredibly close to both Kate and William’s hearts.

The National Portrait Gallery holds the largest, most extensive, and detailed collection of original portraits in the whole world, ranging from the sixteenth century right up until the present day. The charity also works across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, creating, developing, and carrying out programs and partnerships with schools, art galleries, museums, and local community groups to make art more accessible and enticing.


10.  Place2Be


With the subject of mental health becoming significantly less taboo in recent years, not before time, there are more and more charities that are based on and focused entirely on children’s mental health specifically.

Place2Be is a mental health charity that provides ongoing and professional mental health support, both on a one-to-one, individual basis and as a group therapy, talks, and presentations. Schools that work with Place2Be tend to carry on their association with the worthwhile charity for many years and work closely to ensure the best possible attitudes and care towards mental health in children and young adults.

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But we also realized that many of you wanted to quickly browse through her closet and not rifle through years worth of archives on sites like this to find that one scarf she wore that one time. Or if she had a pair of brown boots she loved because you also needed a pair. Or if she wore purple at all in 2009. So we listened, we created and we’re proud to introduce you to… Kate’s Royal Closet.

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Look like Kate for Less! How to Dress like Kate Middleton on a Budget

We all want Kate’s timeless, elegant style, but we don’t all have a royal budget to work with. Her wardrobe is filled with gorgeous designer pieces, and those come at a hefty price tag. But it is possible to achieve her look for less! Frugal women around the world really can repliKate without breaking the bank. Here’s how to dress like Kate Middleton on a budget.

Look like Kate for Less! How to Dress like Kate Middleton on a Budget.jpg

How to Dress Like Kate Middleton: The Basics

The Duchess’s style is all about clothing that is classic, feminine, and well-fitting. You can achieve this by pairing quality, high-end pieces with more affordable options. To look super chic, be sure to have everything tailored to a perfect fit.

Finding Designer Clothing for Less

There are plenty of ways to find designer clothing for well below full price. Websites like The RealReal, Poshmark, and even eBay can be great places to find high-end designer clothes for a bargain.  You can also opt to rent pieces for special occasions. Sites like Rent the Runway allow you to borrow clothing for a small fraction of the price. This is also a good option if you want to try out a style of garment you’ve never worn before.  You can even try your luck at thrift stores and consignment shops. You never know what might be hiding in the racks!

Budget Brands Kate Loves

Kate Middleton is no stranger to a good bargain. Her style is filled with pieces from more affordable brands. Some of her most commonly worn clothing includes sweaters from J. Crew, dresses from ASOS, and all kinds of pieces from Zara. She’s also been seen in a lot of H&M, TopShop, and Gap.

Get a Good Seamstress

The perfect fit will instantly make budget clothing seem more high-end. Invest in finding a good tailor or seamstress to alter your clothing. It’s an easy and cost-effect way to instantly look more pulled together.

Invest in Quality

When it comes to spending your clothing budget wisely, cheaper is not always better. In the long run, it makes more sense to invest in quality designer pieces that will last for years to come than to opt for cheaper clothing that won’t last until next season. A great designer coat or dress is worth the investment for the amount of use you’ll get out of it. This is especially true for shoes. A great pair of designer shoes instantly elevates any outfit. If you’re looking to add some luxury designer pieces to your wardrobe, you can find them at SSENSE.

Bring Some Royal Style to Your Everyday Life

Learning how to dress like Kate Middleton doesn’t mean you have to shell out a small fortune. While it’s worth it to splurge on a few designer pieces you love, you can still get classic, elegant style for affordable prices.

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Kate Inspired Picks for National Consignment Day

Did you know that today, October 2, is the first ever National Consignment Day? With 2.5 billion pounds of textiles saved from landfills through resale, consignment is not only financially smart, it’s also sustainable – and as we’ve shown multiple times on the blog in the past, it’s most definitely what Kate would do (and has done!)

Today, in honour of this momentous day we thought we’d share some of our top picks, inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge, that would let you add a little dose of Kate to your wardrobe. So join in the fun and take a peek at all the amazingly good deals that are available out there from The RealReal, definitely our favourite source of all things consignment – they are so good at ensuring that everything is authenticated, in impeccable condition and they have a great selection.

First pick is a dress that was worn by Kate – and it’s now on sale! The Self-Portrait Pleated Maxi Dress is exactly like the one worn by Kate and is available now for only $297.30 (-20% additional if you use code REAL) and would be a perfect addition to any RepliKaters wardrobe.

Next up is a pick from Alexander McQueen, a perennial favourite designer of Kate’s. There are so many pieces to choose from, but we selected one our favourites to share. You can see all of the many available here. Our pick is this Alexander McQueen knee-length skirt which would look adorable for an upcoming holiday party, perhaps? It’s only $295 (plus an additional -20% with code REAL)


Next is a dress from perennial Kate favourite, L.K.Bennett. A stunning choice in a pale pink, perfect for Spring – maybe stock up now?

Our last pick is from another brand Kate loves, and in a brightly collared hue to stand out from the crowd. These Gianvito Rossi blue suede pumps are a stunning alternative to the sea of black, nude and greys in footwear! Added bonus? They’re only $325 with an additional 20% off available!

If you have been thinking about clearing out your closet this is also a great reminder to get consigning and turn those unworn clothes into cash! We have heard from numerous WWKD readers who let go of repliKates collecting dust in their closets this way and that frees up their wallets to…. Buy even more repliKates!


The Duchess, the HG and the Never Ending Mom Guilt

Like most other royal watchers, I was elated when I heard the news earlier this week that the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant, expecting a third child in early 2018. In her third pregnancy, Kensington Palace confirmed that Duchess was again dealing with hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness that includes symptoms such as “persistent” vomiting, dehydration, ketosis, electrolyte disturbances, and weight loss of more than five per cent of body weight.

While the Duchess cancelled several engagements to deal with her illness, there was one “engagement” that the media and royal watchers alike did not think Kate would miss if at all possible – Prince George’s first day of school. Several comments were made about how “a mum would never want to miss a child’s first day of school” or “she’ll go even if she’s super sick because it’s a mum’s job”.

While I won’t lie to you and tell you that mom guilt doesn’t exist, the worst culprit for exacerbating the symptoms of mom guilt is other people judging you or telling you what you should do, how you should feel or what you should act like as a parent. When the Duchess is lying in a bed feeling as ill as anything, the comments from others that she should go to school or that it’s her job aren’t helping her mom guilt. We all can agree, I believe, that Kate is a good mom. She regularly comments on spending time with her kids, she goes to measures to protect them from the public where possible and it’s evident from the children’s behaviour when she is with them that she spends time with them. What I am sure of is that Kate does not need the media telling her she should be at Prince George’s school drop off with him to make her feel worse about possibly not being able to attend.

While I could roll up to my child’s school drop off looking like death warmed over and no one would care, there are guaranteed to be dozens of photographers waiting to catch the perfect snap of future King of England on his first day of school. Kate will be photographed endlessly and can’t just throw on some clothes, toss on a cap and grab a pair of big sunglasses to get George out the door. Her hair will need to be done, an outfit selected that is carefully thought out, makeup applied… It’s a whole thing in the reality that is the Duchess of Cambridge’s life. Now, don’t think that this is me saying “Oh, woe is Kate about her life” – I’m not. I truly believe she had the time and intelligence to think through the life she was entering into as a part of the royal family and knew the ups and downs, the perks and the cons. However, there are days, like today where I feel bad for the anonymity she has had to give up and the pressures that are placed on her.

Remember when I said Kate was a good mom? That’s how I know she already wanted to attend George’s first day of school. My son’s first day of kindergarten was this week. On the first day, two classes full of rambunctious 5 year olds walked in while parents in various states of emotions came to the back of the class to watch the children go through their first attendance. There were stay-at-home moms with several kids tagging along, working moms with their smartphones out typing emails and numerous grandmas beaming with pride at the group of children in front of them. There were also equal numbers of dads present. Dads in casual outfits having taken vacation to escort their kids to school because their moms were working, dads in business suits who took a few hours off to ensure their kids could be there, grandpas who looked generally confused at why they had been selected for this job in the first place. Let’s face it, modern moms are all kinds of women. We’re women who love our kids, but who also have lives that cause circumstances – either by necessity or choice – which don’t always allow us to play the role of mom at every single second.

I won’t be able to attend my son’s “welcome conversation” with the teachers today due to a previously scheduled meeting. Do I feel guilty about it? Sure, a tiny bit. But I also have, like Kate, a partner in my husband who will attend the meeting. (Mom guilt 101: Even when a dad is doing the job you still feel guilty) While my husband is most certainly not the future King of England, he is, like William, as equally responsible for the little person in question as I am – and as equally capable of ensuring that the little person arrives to school, is safely escorted to his classroom, is made to feel welcome and comfortable in his surroundings before leaving and allowing him to go on his own. (Added bonus for Kate here, William has security guards who will ensure he arrives at the school on time and photographers who will document every angle for her – whereas I have to get badly angled selfies on a smartphone and questions about where the school is, but that’s a whole different article)

My point is that when Kate, the poor thing, is laying in bed, nauseated and likely hooked up to an intravenous drip – she does not need to have her internal feelings of mom guilt magnified by others. At the end of the day, Kate is a human being just like you and I. She is afflicted by the same emotions and one of those is guilt. And when you’re down – emotionally, physically or otherwise – we as women should strive to help each other feel better rather than make us feel worse. So Kate, if you are reading this, I want to tell you two things: One – I hope you are feeling better soon. Morning sickness is awful, and I can not even imagine what HG is like and what you are going through. And two – don’t let the mom guilters get to you. Moms are amazing creatures who have unfortunately developed the feelings of guilt that we need to be the perfect moms at all times. But the reality is we don’t. If we love our kids, treat them well and are supported by family and friends who are able to help us when we can’t do everything… We’re doing fine. And by the looks on the little people’s faces… You are too.